Freak Out

“Le Freak” would have been a good soundtrack for this hand. To begin with it was hard to tell whether it was the players or the cards that were the cause of the freak out.  It happened when I was playing online bridge in BBO and picked up this pathetic hand:

♠ 8 6 2
J 9 8 6 3
♣ 10 8
8 5 4

I was dealer and naturally passed as did my left hand opponent. Partner opened 1 which was nice but I wasn’t expecting much to happen beyond a part-score either way.  However, the bidding fireworks started when my right hand opponent made this somewhat unusual overcall:

North:  6♣

I thought either he must have 11 clubs and an Ace in a side suit, or he was insane. The latter option seemed much more likely based on my long experience of erratically minded bridge players, some of which I am proud to call my friends. So I passed waiting for partner to double for penalty, punishment and a pleasing score for us.

Left hand opponent also passed, probably as shocked as partner and I. But there were more surprises to come. My partner then bid again:

West:  6

A slam in a new suit. That’s brave, I thought. Had I encouraged partner with my Pass? Hope she doesn’t mind that I only have a Jack.  At least it was easy to know what to do when it was my turn to bid next: correct to 6 and be glad I don’t have to play it. But I never got to make that bid for now came the freakiest bid of the auction. My right hand opponent also bid again:

North:  7♣

Sure now that North had freaked out I didn’t even think of bidding 7 despite the strong signals I had got from partner’s bidding. Surely 7♣ must be a sacrifice otherwise why not bid it the first time. I decided to pass and let partner double this. My left hand opponent also passed – and so did my partner surprisingly.

Well a double would have been worse than a Pass because in fact 7♣ made.

The full hand was


♠ A Q 5

♣ A K Q 9 7 6 5 4 3 2
♠ 3
K Q 10 5 2
A K Q 7 3 2
♣ J
♠ 8 6 2
J 9 8 6 3
8 5 4
♣ 10 8
♠ K J 10 9 7 4
A 7 4
J 10 9 6


Interesting. North with only one loser and 11 tricks off the top saw that 6♣ was a good bet. Though it could be that he gets frustrated by winners in hearts or diamonds in his partner’s hand that he is not able to reach.

West, my partner has 3 losers and must have thought that North’s 6♣ would make so gives me the option of sacrificing in the red suit of my choosing. This could have caused North to think we had a small slam so in he goes at the 7 level to sacrifice on his side.

South has no trumps at all but has the only card that declarer needs to make the grand slam – the ♠K. How chic.


  1. „Le Freak“ by the band Chic, released 21st Sept 1978



One thought on “Freak Out

  • 6. Oktober 2019 at 23:26

    Oh, that’s sad story! A pity that 7S were there too. By the way, what was your choice of lead?


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