My “Partner”

Who after I’ve strength in hearts displayed
And clubs and diamonds he has played
Chooses then to lead me … a spade??
My Partner

When but four hearts in hand has he
Who opens the suit quite happily?
And gets annoyed I support with three?
My Partner

Who mixes up unconcernedly
Doubles for takeout and penalty
And blames the results on poor me?
My Partner

When something terrible has occurred
Who mutters first a four-letter word
Then gives a reason that’s absurd?
My Partner

Who bids game when slam’s there to take
Sees me take all tricks for heaven’s sake
Cries “Well done, was hoping it would make!” ?
My partner

When there’s a cold contract to be done
Who thinks until time’s quite overrun
But still finds a way to minus one?
My Partner

Who thoughtfully leads under an Ace
Despite the expression on my face
Not seeing King win as a disgrace?
My Partner

Who bids as oft and high as he is able
Til the opp’s X card lies on the table
Then says I’m the one who is unstable?
My partner

When drawing trumps needs deciding
Who takes them all with no idling
Plus an extra round “for any hiding”?
My partner

Who tries playing third hand low
Giving an unearned trick to a foe
And then wonders why I have to go?
My Partner

When our running suit’s suddenly stopped
Who shouts so loud the table’s rocked
“Oh My God, How did WE get blocked”?
My Partner

Who to my lucky breaks is very kind
To my frequent boo boos a little blind
And my zeroes doesn’t mind
My Partner

William Smith

In homage to “My Partner” by George T. Lanigan, quoted in The Whist Reference Book p321 ”Poems on Whist”. Butler, William Mill. Philadelphia: John C. Yorston, 1899.

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