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1858 - The Beginning

Quodlibet was formed and so the foundations of a club of long tradition were laid. The activities covered singing, theatre and responsibility for organizing the Basel Fasnacht (carnival).

1910 - Quodlibet hands over

As Fasnacht had grown increasingly over the years, Quodlibet handed over the responsiblity for organizing this event to another group (the 'Comite') created for this purpose and which runs it to this day.

1933/1935 - The Year of The Split

Over the years, the interests and activities of Quodlibet changed. From its original roots as a singing and theatre club, Quodlibet became more and more involved in culture and sports. In 1935, bridge was added to the Club's offerings. The Bridge Club remains the only section of the organization still active today.

1958 - Just Bridge

Mr. Jacobs, president of the Bridge section of the Club took over the financial affairs of the entire Quodlibet Club from Dr. Baumann. All active and passive members of the Quodlibet Club are transferred to the Quodlibet Bridge Club.

2008 - Anniversary

As part of a large-scale anniversary celebration there was recognition of the 150 years existence of Quodlibet, and the undeniable influence it has had on Basel's cultural life.

2010 - 75 Years of Bridge in Quodlibet

Only two years later another event to celebrate: Bridge in Quodlibet is 75 years old! Making it the most traditional Bridge club in Basel.