Will Smith

About me

I learnt Bridge from my parents as a teenager in the 1970s. It was all ACOL in England then with 4-card majors and weak No Trump.

Why do I play? I like solving puzzles, working in a partnership, and the right amount of bluff - more than Chess but less than Poker.

I also like the short games - after 13 tricks you go on to the next triumph or disaster. (Usually the latter in my case.)

  • Favourite
  • Opening bid
  • 1 No Trump (NT) also known as Sans Atout. Why? Because it gives partner so much information (almost as much as Pass - another favourite bid of mine). And it usually keeps the opponents mouths shut.
  • Contract
  • Also 1NT. Because it is a mental challenge without the effort of having to count trumps.
  • Convention
  • 1NT (yet again) with a 5 card major (sadly none of my partners play it though). Makes rebidding a 15-17 point hand so much easier.
  • Signal
  • If I lead a low card at any time it means that I have a high card in that suit.

Best Bridge moment

When Herr Spitzli, a former president of Quodlibet, congratulated me on my declarer trump play. And, even better, scolded his partner for letting me sneak one or two tricks past her by doing it.

Most embarrassing Bridge moment

In Internet Bridge I saw people using the term "tush" so I did as well thinking it meant "I made a mistake". After I had said it to my (male) partner quite a lot I was told that it meant "thank you sweetheart".

Best advice I got or would give

I think "Length before strength" when assessing which suit to bid. But I never overcall with a rubbish suit, that's a crime!

Declarer or defender

Defender because then I can blame partner too! (only joking).

Most hated contract

Slams usually paralyze me with fear as declarer. Like riding my motorbike there is little margin for error there.

Bridge aspiration

One day I'd like to be able to do a squeeze play on purpose.