Our cakes are home baked, mostly from old recipes.

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Tournaments are held every Monday at 19.00 Bottmingen, in the canteen of Infors AG, Rittergasse 27. On the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month, players come with a partner. The 2nd and 4th Mondays are "JEKAMI" - JEder KAnn MItspielen, or "everyone can play". This means you can come with a partner, or without a partner, and we'll find you one. This gives you the opportunity to play with a lot of different players.

Refreshment for Mondays tournaments can be bought from the large Coop situated conveniently opposite Infors AG. There is a vending machine in the canteen providing cold drinks.

The address, map and directions are available here.


We play an afternoon tournament every third Thursday of the month in the Bottmingen Gemeinde social room, starting at 14.00.

Coffee and (wonderful) homemade cakes are available for a small fee (Fr. 10.- for members and Fr. 20.- for non-members).

The address, map and directions are available here.

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